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Gi and perimenopausal hormones issues


I had gastritis since last 8 years. Past 3-4 years problems worsened. It seems when I get exposed to cold weather I get flare up which goes on for months. I get indigestion, loss of apetite and lot of gas. I take PPI - Prevacid for past 8 years now. I was on homeopathic med and was doing great improvement. I am veg and take great care in what I eat. I cannot eat anything warm in nature. Like Garlic. I went to ayurvedic doctors and they read pulse and they said that I am on fire. Now past three months I have noticed that I get unbearably bad during my period or ovulution time. I will get bouts anyday and I will be better one day. During periods or ovulution I also will get insomnia. Last month I went without sleep for 4 nights. I dread this time of the month. I get fatigue and also some fog and anxiety during this time. I started accupuncture and have had 6 treatments so far. I think I am sleeping better, apart from that I am not sure if there is any difference in my health.

My question:

How long till I see a difference. It is hard to notice change because of hormones change everyday and I feel different everyday.

Also, my accupuncturist says I have ice cold area on my abdomen on the right side. I am wondering if the diagnosis is correct and would incorrect diagnosis worsen my health issues.


Your questions are really best addressed by your acupuncturist. Not knowing your diagnosis, the treatment points used, the frequency or any other relevant diagnostic information it would be impossible to say how long it would take you to respond. In the most general terms possible, 3 months of treatment would expected as a minimum to make strong headway in resolving hormonal issues. For most of our patients the stronger hormonal issues are well under control or completely resolved within 3 cycles after starting here. The digestive issues are usually quicker, but if there is a strong overlap between the two symptoms hormonally speaking it might go into the same time frame. Much of the digestive side of things can usually be moved along quicker with herbal medicine but that is something your practitioner would have to work with you on.

With regards to the ice cold abdomen and the correctness of the diagnosis I would have to know what your actual diagnosis is from your practitioners perspective to offer any opinion on whether they are on the right track or not. If you are referring to the ayurvedic saying "fire" and your acupuncturist saying one area is "cold" I would say it is very likely that from a Chinese Medicine perspective you have a mixed pattern so your practitioner might only mention parts of their overall diagnosis to you. I would either trust them and go along for probably 6-15 treatments or find someone else that you feel more comfortable with.


My accupuncturist said that I have too much cold energy creating an empty fire situation. He is trying to bring these to balance. Also my tongue is purple coated.

I said 12 treatments - If I notice improvements he will continue and will not if I don&#39t.

He was using some points on my shin of both legs and arms and 1 on forehead. On the 7th treatment he did 2 on my each foot, 1 on stomach, 2 on arms.

I am just scared that what if he raises wrong energy and create further problems for me. I can&#39t handle anymore.

Is it possible that accupuncture can worsen my problem?

I really want this to work as this is my only hope.

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