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Ghost point application


Submitted By: prakashdebabu

What does the 13 ghost points used for. Does they have special applications when other points cannot cure?


The ghost points come from the text "Thousand Ducat Formulas" (or "Qian Jin Yao Fong") by Sun Si-Miao. This text was published during the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD) right near the end of the middle ages. The general idea of the ghost points was to begin a systematic presentation for treating the entire range of mental disorders ("Kuang Dian") which were beginning to be more prevalent as the culture was "advancing."

Generally the points have applications in the treatment of mood and personality disorders as well as schizophrenia and related imbalances. While there are certainly many ways to treat these conditions from a Chinese perspective (see Acupuncture for Psychiatric Conditions for a general presentation) the ghost points certainly have a prominent role as part of a well designed treatment protocol.

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