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Getting worse after accupressure

I’ve been using the acupressure pen for a few months now, on the main points.

Mainly to treat mouth dryness… usually I feel like the day when I do it my condition gets a little bit better… but 3 days after, it actually gets quite a bit worse… and then improves afterward.

What could it be that is causing these effects?

What points exactly have you been using, how often, etc.? ad when you say “my condition” gets a “bit” better - what exactly improves? In short, a bit more detail would be required to even approach a generalized answer.

Yes, I should’ve made it more specific…

I focus on GB3, LU5, LI4, ST37 and PC3. Few minutes on each point - some points are more sensitive than others.

I try to do it usually once per week.

I look primarily on my saliva flow (overall mouth and nose dryness) and the coating on my tongue.

That seems like a somewhat random collection of points, so to step back from trying to deduce what they might or might not be doing, it is most important to figure out what you are trying to accomplish in precise terms?

Dry mouth could have any number of causes, so your time should be one figuring out what that is, rather than symptomatically treating it.

Tongue coating can change quite a bit from day to day depending on weather, what you have eaten, how much you have slept, etc. so from a deep perspective it is not always that useful.

Saliva flow is largely related to digestive function and control of stress hormones. So it will generally be less under stress conditions, more during meditation for example, slightly more with strong digestive qi, slightly less with qi deficiency. The entire point of Chinese Medicine is to get a clear idea of what it is you are trying to treat at the deepest root level, not chasing after more transient symptoms which will lead to ineffectual treatments at best.

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Yes, you’re 100% right.
Yet I wasn’t able to fully uncover what is the real cause.

I can’t remember when exactly the dry mouth started for me, I doubt it was from the birth…
But looking at least 6-7 years back, I had this issue… together with the bad coating/fur and cracks on my tongue.

I’ve heard these things can be caused by some dramatic stress event for the GI tract…
could’ve possibly been when I got really drunk as a teenager.

There are many possibilities responsible for your dry mouth, from blocked parotid glands to a host of issues along the intestinal tract and I couldn’t suggest a cause without your having the problem investigated initially via your GP. Then perhaps you could have some meridian work to encourage balance in the appropriate areas. I presume your fluid intake is adequate? A blood screen would be revealing and helpful to you.

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