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Getting referrals


I am trying to network with doctors and physical therapists in my area to get some patient referrals. Can someone please share some ideas with me on the best way to do this? I was thinking of sending a letter or email introducing myself and then following up with a phone call? What have others experiences been with this? Is it best to try to schedule a face to face meeting with a doctor? I want to be aggressive enought to not be ignored without being annoying. Any advice would be appreciated.


I would start with letters that are very specific and directly related to the types of patients that they see. It should contain a basic introduction of yourself and your qualifications, very brief straightforward description of how you can help their patients, perhaps some links to related research and an invitation to contact you.

Most medical doctors have very little time for anything outside of their practice so you shouldn't be discouraged if you do not get a response. If you do, most medical practices have weekly/monthly staff meetings and they may be willing to give you 15-30 minutes at one of these meetings to give a concise presentation that is directly relevant to their practice.

Outside of that, offer free treatments to the nurses in the office -- that is usually the best way to get the word around to the patients and the doctors...

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