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Dear Doctor, my daughter is irritable, she drinks lots of cold water during the day, she feels cold when it is hot outside, is constipated, talk with imaginary friends and talk a lot all day,
She is hungry all the time and suffer from eczema, and anxiety. I will appreciate if you tell me what formula is for her. Thankyou so much.

I wish it worked that way. With all but the most simplistic of conditions formulas are chosen by relatively complicated diagnostic procedures within Chinese Medicine (see “how to choose a formula” for general info).

So the symptoms she has (i.e. what western medicine treats generally) are functionally useless information compared to what is causing those symptoms (i.e. what Chinese Medicine generally treats). Anxiety for example has 5 different base patterns on our “acupuncture for anxiety” page and those are really only the more common bases. Even the mixed feelings of hot and cold can very difficult to parse out without a practitioner watching the changes over time.

The way this generally works with a practitioner is that they start some herbs, watch the progress, change the herbs based on progress, change them again, if the changes aren’t what they expected change the herbs to go a slightly different route - it’s all much more of a moving target with a lot of feedback required to unravel these types of conditions.

You don’t mention her age, so these guidelines would vary, but if she is over 10 or so, generally speaking, with what you are describing you would need to be prepared to see a practitioner weekly for at least 2-5 months and then realistically some frequency for at least 10-18 months after that.

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