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Get That Baby Out! - with acupressure... at home... (Study) - discussion (2019-12-09 07:20:44am)

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Hello Chad,
My name is Olga Venger - I am a physician who is studying acupuncture on my own to use for my should members. Right now I am 40.5 weeks pregnant and tryto avoid induction of labor at all cost. I started acupressure for a number of points myself: SP6, PC8, BL32, BL67, LI4 andBL60.
I found your article very helpful, will add one more point that you used for your wife - LV3.

I live in New York and would LOVE to visit your office, but it is NOT within running distance from my birthing hospital :).
Please, let me know if there are any addition points that I can use to induce labor. I would GREATELY appreciate your response.

Thank you in advance,

Since you are in an area with many practicing acupuncturists, I would strongly recommend you simply make an appointment with one today or tomorrow and let them do a full acupuncture treatment. While acupressure has valid uses, compared to properly planned and applied full acupuncture treatments there is no comparison in my opinion. A full acupuncture treatment or two, possibly with moxibustion will likely get things moving.

On your own (or in reality someone doing it for you) stronger massage with acupressure down the liver meridian line from LV 8 down to LV 3 via SP 6. So start with deeper acupressure around SP 10 and LV 8, then down to SP 9, down to SP 6, down to LV 3 - then some on GB 34, UB 60 and squeeze the end of the pinky toe hard (i.e. UB 67).

Thank you sooo much, Chad!!!
Will follow your advice!

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