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Normally in western medicine once you use some drug for some time then it start getting ineffective by the time, same is the case with the homeopathy and herbs also. Is the same theory applied to accupressure as well, if you continue using some point or combination of points is there any chance thay it stop responding. What is the most authentic theory about the period between accupressure sessions, some says it should be used weekly.

Few people say, start your day with some Acupressure to some useful points for stress like tw15,b10,p6,ht7,gv25,cv17. How you see doing Acupressure/Massage massage daily to some points, does this idea come under some TCM theory, when if some one using usual acupressure session after every ten days. Like in my case i use lv3,li4,st36,ht7,gv20,c2(r),gb13(r),si16 after every ten days. so how do you see this using periodic accupressure with daily tuina massage.

Is there any theory about the number of acupressure session one should take or do. Like i have been using above acupressure protocol for 8 to 9 months, and it still helps a lot when i use it. So if it helps then should i continue with it. Actually my issue is very complex for everyone i told it to, with the acupressure my anxiety does go away but taking certain foods bring that anxiety back and those foods are just normal foods that you cannot avoid and i am not able to find the solution of that food issue, as long as i avoid the food i function fine.




In theory the acupuncture/acupressure points are a way to point the body to balance. If you are in balance the points should have a limited effect and if you are out of balance you may feel a stronger effect. Balance in and of itself is a moving target and stress of some nature is always around. Because of this some of the general relaxation points are almost always useful and the amount of stimulation that acupressure provides (i.e. somewhat limited) means that you can use the points daily. At worst, nothing much will happen - which is good as that would mean you do not need the points. At best you will feel better - so from a acupressure perspective it's win win. Certainly many practitioners and tai chi/qi gong practitioners, etc. use acupressure daily and this should be encouraged. In addition to acupressure many practitioners use moxibustion on points like ST 36 on a daily basis, or at least very often.

The idea of tolerance is common with herbs and medications, but not as much with acupuncture. Your body is -never- in perfect balance so there is always something you can do. This is where the preventative nature of acupuncture comes into play (which often goes overlooked). With appropriate diagnosis and point selection you can remedy imbalances long before they turn into any observable medical conditions. The key is to know why you are using the points that you are choosing and to watch yourself or your patients for changes in their condition(s) which would require you to start using different points. This just comes with training.

Treatment frequency will depend greatly on the practitioners skill, their choice of points, the patients condition, the patients overall health and lifestyle, etc. and is hard to generalize about. Certainly there should nothing but positive effects of using commonly used acupressure points on a daily basis.

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