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GB 26 pain


Dear Colleages,

One of my 42 YO friends have got a painful bilaterally on the points of GB 26 for several months.

That pain bothers him even in nightime, it makes him wake up at night and stayed awake.

Other exams and the ten questions did not show anything.

His tongue: WNL

His pulse: little wiry, weak and deep in Kidney position.


Has he had a complete western physical with blood work done recently? I would recommend that he has blood work done with a full liver panel along with a check for h. pylori - if he hasn't already.

His symptoms are most indicative of a peptic ulcer, or perhaps some kind of gall bladder issue. Blood work would help to clarify a western diagnosis.

From a treatment perspective I would most likely treat as appropriate the following points: huatuo of T8 on the (L)eft side (esophagus), T9 (L) (stomach), possibly T10 (L) (gall bladder), CV 12, ST 12, ST 36, LV 3, ST 11, KD 22.


Dear Chad J. Dupuis,

You are right, he has acid reflux, and sometimes complaint of Ren 12 discomfort and light pain. He had the GB exams already and they are WNL.

I gave him needle to GB 26, GB 27, Ren 12, and SP 4 PC 6 2 times, then he felt better. Actually he still have some but less severe.

I' m trying the one you show me next week and inform you later.

Thank you,

Dr Nguyen, Charles L Ac.

Alliance Medical Center

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