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Gall Bladder Questions & Mysteries

The Gallbladder and its Mysteries…

I have a friend with bad migraines. The location is on the side of the head along the Gallbladder meridian. Very interesting. Is there a relationship between the Gallbladder and brain? Is this a gallstone issue?

Secondly, I had an interesting experience…
I was once walking passed an electric automobile as it was turned on. The car emitted a very powerful Electromagnetic Field (EMF), which I could feel across my entire body,
especially the Gallbladder meridian on the side of the head facing the vehicle. It was painful. For a moment, I could feel the labyrinth or web of the Gallbladder meridian on the head that I had seen in so many drawings. It was wild! What happened? Could you please explain?
Is there a known relation between the Gallbladder and electricity, or EMFs? Is this an issue of toxic accumulations in the Gallbladder?
EMFs are actually becoming a very important topic…

Third- Does the practice ofdissolving or flushing Gallbladder stones improve these two conditions? I have asked numerous acupuncturists about the “gallbladder flush” taught by Hulda Clark, and what it does from a TCM perspective and the health of the meridian. Oddly, I have yet to meet an acupuncturist that is familiar with the practice of flushing the gallbladder with epsom salts, olive oil, and grapefruit juice- this practice is well known in holistic health fields. (I advised the migraine friend against the gallbladder flush- the severity of their migraines leading to many hospitalizations. Maybe too much at once…) What does the Gallbladder Flush do from a TCM perspective? What is the effect on the Gallbladder meridian itself???

Thank you

The general assumption you are making here is a common error made in trying to understand TCM theory - which is too closely associating the “system” in Chinese Medicine terms with the physical “organ” in western terms - they are often not very related and certainly never exclusively. Many gallbladder organ problems are from poor diet, etc. - i.e. spleen qi deficiency and/or dampness at the root. “Liver” system problems can be from repressed emotions, physical Lung problems can be from physical thoracic vertebral issues, etc. Chinese Medicine is largely about looking deeper at the systemic relationships of things and deep causal contributing factors to issues rather than surface associations.

I would suggest reading the following series of articles to understand more:

Also I would caution against thinking of the meridian lines as fixed or linear. Each point is really a well that goes into a web of tissues below that connect via the viscera to different muscles, bones, organs, etc. That is largely where the magic is.

If you’d really like to get into those aspects I would strongly suggest reading the text “Hara Diagnosis: Reflections On The Sea”. This will answer all of your questions and more along the lines you are asking above.

Dear UckMuk

I suspect that EMF radiation is at play here. Although I limit exposure, I have noticed over the years that toxic EMF frequencies, um, travel via my 'computer mouse" hand, and up my arm. I use blue blocking glasses and I am experimenting with SHUNGITE. Toxic EMF is a HUGE problem. Acupuncture is a definite go-to for EMF issues.

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