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Gall bladder meridian


I usually get headaches in the Gall bladder Meridian when I take supplements. Is my liver/gall bladder congested or is my phase 2 liver detox not working right?


Well the most critical thing is to not too closely associate the gall bladder meridian with your physical liver or gall bladder. They are only loosely at best related. For more on this read “My Liver is What?”.

With regards to the headaches - if you are getting headaches from something you are taking, don’t take it. I won’t get into my views on detox, but the short version is just eat a decent diet and don’t try to get your body to release substances that it couldn’t deal with in the first place. Most concepts of detox are way overrated and not based in science in my opinion and clinical experience. You can read some of my views, if interested, in my response to another post here.


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