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Fu Ling and Vinegar



I am taking apple cider vinegar capsules before meals to aid digestion, and will start taking Si Jun Zi Tang, which contains Fu Ling. Why is it necesary to avoid vinegar while using Fu Ling? What kind of interaction and side effects would you get? And also, should I avoid vinegar completely in my diet or just avoiding to take it at the same ti e of the day I take the herb? I have tried to find a response online, but the only thing I have found is the statement "avoid use", but not an explanation.

Thank you very much,



Fu ling is primarily to drain dampness and sour tasting herbs, which vinegar is in this category, generally bind. The general thought is that the vinegar (i.e. the binding function) may interfere with the draining function of fu ling and other damp draining herbs.

It&#39s hard to know exactly how much this would interfere and it would be dependent on the individual and their precise symptoms. Generally I just wouldn&#39t take vinegar at the same time as the formula, but separated by hours the effect would be minimized or avoided.


Thank you very much, Mr. Dupuis! I&#39ll keep using the vinegar capsules, since I use them 4 hours ahead my herbs. I hope it doesnt interfere and I can get both benefits.

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