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Frequency shiatsu treatment


I have read your answers to similar question but my question still remains.

I treat an MS patient, once a week, for 30 minutes, since early April. Correct me if I am wrong but I understood that after a while I should decrease the frequency in order to let her body do its own job and not to become "lazy". Until now she reacts very good to the treatments, so she is a bit disappointed when I told her that treatment will be now once every 14 days and hopefully once a month. But ...... is it really harmful/not good to continue with the weekly sessions? What do you advise me?




the stars&#39s energy circle is seven days, the moon&#39s energy circle is 28-31 days, the treatment frequency should basic on the patient&#39s body energy situation, human body&#39s energy is follow the circle of Sun, Moon and Stars around the earth.normally the Yang Qi is 24 hours a circle around the body, Yin Qi is 28 days a circle around the body, the points qi is 7 days a circle.


The short answer to your question is that, yes, weekly appointments would be completely fine in nearly any case even if people are doing well. You can tell them what you think they need but there is nothing wrong in this day and age, and particularly when you have a possibly chronic and difficult condition, to come weekly. What I have mentioned in other posts is my personal opinion that there is little benefit except in acute cases of treating 2-3 times per week. And outside of the little benefit there is a possibility (my view) that too frequent of treatment actually does more harm than good but not stimulating the body to perform its various functions.


In addition to my previous questions about this item I would like to inform you that the treatments are going well. However, in the night her heart is knocking very strongly. I treated CV 17, 12 and 4. Until now there is not much relief. Do you have any suggestions?




Palpitations are a common symptom with a variety of conditions. While there are other causes, in many cases from a Chinese Medicine perspective this is Yin Deficiency of the Kidneys and Heart. Yin deficiency is also a common pattern underlying MS as well so I wouldn&#39t be surprised. Generally signs are palpitations, perhaps night sweats or at least warmer in the afternoon and evening, a red tongue with little coating, perhaps thin. From a shiatsu/acupressure perspective you can (and your patient can as well) massage down from CV 15 (heart shu point) down to CV 6 - this descends energy from the heart. HT 7 is a very useful point as is PC 6 and/or PC 7. As MS will effect nerve function this can be a problem with the vagus nerve or other nerves that control heart beating which can be more complicated to treat. We often massage in the ST 10, ST 11, ST 12 area on the patients left side to regulate the vagus nerve function. There are a number of herbal formulas that can be helpful such as Tian Wan Bu Xin Wan or An Shen Bu Xin Wan - but those should only be used if she sees a practitioner locally and is confirmed with a TCM diagnosis that would be appropriate for them.


for heart rate irregular, use pc6, for heart yin def. use ht6+K3+sp6, if she has night time sweat use ht6+K7, the medicine should be Sheng Mai San for heart yin def.


Hello Chad,

Thank you for advice. Will check further and see which of the advised points will be helpful. I thought that MS had to do with a Yang deficiency given the fact that the MS patient is very tired, weak and with a lack of energy. Am I thinking the wrong way altogether? Except for the heart I cannot find specific meridians that are more yang than yin. May be the spasmen are a result of yang bladder?

Greetings, Kitty


For irregular heart rate you should use pc6+sp6. Keep an eye out for low energy levels.

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