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Frequency of treatment


I am curious.I have been to different acupuncturists in the many places I have lived and there seems to be a difference in frequency of treatment, use of herbs and use of electrical stimulation. Can you explain the why the differences in frequency and aggresiveness of treatment? All I know is that I want to get better quickly and some acupuncturists use 2x a wk sessions and some use whenever I want to come and some use 1x week.

Thank you


You might want to start by reading my comments to related questions in the forum. A few ones to start with are:

Anxiety Treatment Discussion

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If after reading those replies, you still have some remaining questions on the topic, please ask. There are quite a few diverging opinions on this subject and I think it is a worthy topic to discuss openly.


I have previously read your posts and found the discussion threads to be thorough ,but they do not answer the personal side to my question - so it must be time to ask my provider. The information is good and allows me to see there are many theories and philosophies and if the results are good the philosophy is effective.

The next thought then would be what is it I need to do in between treatments to care for myself.

Is it possible to visualize tong ren on your body to stimulate healing? If so how does one choose the points?

Thank you


Certainly you should follow any of your practitioners dietary and/or lifestyle recommendations as they can be quite helpful in treating your overall pattern. And other techniques such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and/or meditation can also be helpful.

With regards to Tong Ren Therapy you can use it yourself with the regular methods. Many of our patients get their own doll and hammer and work on themselves and other family members and friends. With regards to points, the Tong Ren Therapy Cross-Reference Guide has the points we use for nearly any condition you would ever see including all the various types of cancer. To understand a little further many patients end up reading either the Tong Ren Therapy: Beyond Acupuncture text or the Tom Tam Healing System, with the former being better for non-acupuncturists. This gives you the reasoning behind why you are using the points. This reasoning isn't necessary to understand per se, but it is helpful if you use Tong Ren more frequently on others.

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