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Fractured pelvis


Submitted By: pi

What points would be recommended for someone who has suffered a fractured pelvis in 2 places from a fall? He had surgery one week ago and
had a 4" screw put into his pelvis connecting his sacrum. He has deep throbbing pain in his left leg and pelvis which is being managed with
pain medication. He has worked with a trauma specialist who did Somatic Experiencing release work with him for several hours that he felt was very
helpful. He did alot of crying and releasing as a result of that work. There has also been alot of involuntary muscle spasms during this work and
when he lies quietly at night. He can only lie on his back at present.



You should start by reading my acupuncture for low back pain section. The diagnoses and related treatment points should point you in the right direction. In general you want to use local points near the areas of inflammation and injury to facilitate the healing in that area and then use systemic points for pain control and the circulation through the area to the legs.


Thanks for your reply. Would it also be appropriate to use the Du Mai, Yang Qiao Mai, and Dai Mai to address the hip and spine issues?



The yang qiao/du mai (UB 62 & SI 3) is helpful in a large number of low back pain/hip cases and you will see those points within my article. Generally, you want to use those extraordinary points which most relate to their individual TCM diagnosis. So, when you come to your overall diagnosis first, the points to use will become very clear.

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