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Fracture treatment


I am 13 weeks into a type 3 Odontoid fracture. Healing slowly, I need something to encourage bony fusion. Is there any evidence that acupuncture helps by bringing blood flow to the area?


If you were a patient I would have a number of questions for you to best answer your question - most particularly would be how old are you and what contributed/caused the fracture. Either way, yes, acupuncture does increase the circulation and healing potential of the body in areas and reduces inflammation as well. There are also other points that are useful in any bone/tendon trauma anywhere in the body and these have systemic effects which are very helpful. The point UB 11 or the hui meeting point of the bones would be a good example. I would recommend seeing a practitioner in your area. Healing can be slow as you are already aware but acupuncture, and possibly herbal medicine, is helpful in quickening this process as much as possible. On the herbal medicine side, one formula that would be useful is Jin Gu Die Da Wan.

Chinese Medicine has a long history of treating trauma in part from the overlap of the medicine and the martial arts. More precisely there are a number of training techniques which involve breaking bones purposely and healing them as quickly as possible to make certain areas stronger. From this, many herbal formulas and acupuncture techniques were developed which in modern times are useful for fractures and other traumas.


I fractured the vertebrae on August 30, 09 during a training cycling club ride. I rode over an escarpment near Niagara and fell 45 feet. I am 59 years old. The ride was scheduled to be 175 KM long the average spped 33 KM per hour, I am or was in good shape and strong.


Try Tonify Ren4,6,17, UB11,17, GB39, SP10, Yin Tang, have good sleep, eat more soup of bones of chicken, pork or beef and mutton. wear copper bracelet.

Thank you


Feng Mei

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