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Formula to help to stop smoking


Hi Chad,

I have 2 questions about how to stop smoking. First in the article about using ear electroacupuncture I am little bit confuse when its mention red cable and black , which one go where?

Which electro machine you used?

Second question which formula you used to help stop smoking.




Don&#39t use electroacupuncture on the ear without proper training. If you are trying to treat smoking just use the NADA protocol.

With regards to formulas that can be helpful with smoking cessation, this would depend entirely on the patients overall diagnosis.


Hi Chad,
What are formulas that are usually use and which patterns are more common to see in clinic.


Why I need to take a special class to use electroacupuncture in the ear?


I have found those points to be very useful. In fact the patient reports nausea with smoking after treatment as well as no increase in apetite.

She still tries to smoke, there are other issues related to stress she is getting coaching on. I have also included Yin Tang when able, and some lung points (depending on &#39ashi&#39)

thanks for posting these, this was helpful. I was going to try the Giovanni protocol on another pateint but will keep this one for now.


Don&#39t take this the wrong way, but if you have to ask basic questions about the use of an electro-acupuncture machine you shouldn&#39t use it. What is your objection to being properly trained before trying to help people?

Acupuncture as a whole and electroacupuncture certainly can do far more harm than good if done with improper or nonexistent training. If something can help, it can hurt. Let that message guide all of your training and all of your actions when working with others.

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