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Formula for Abdominal Pain


Hello - I am looking for a Chinese herbal formula to help with upper abdominal pain. Specifically stomach pain. The Western Medicine doctors cannot find anything wrong (I’ve been scoped, tested, etc. for several years - nothing).

I believe it is a liver/stomach imbalance issue. I have been taking Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Tang, along with Xiao Yao Wan, and it has helped for several months. No pain. Then it just stopped working last month. Also last month, my period got very hard and I never had an issue with my period before (now I have cramps, breast swelling, and emotions) and my hair started falling out. I think I have overdone it on these two formulas and now I am getting new symptoms.

Other symptoms are: dry mouth, very cold, especially feet and especially after I lay down in bed at night, fatigue.

Is there another formula that can help with this stomach pain?

Thank you kindly,


There are many other possibilities. Have you seen a practitioner locally? If not, that would be ideal, particularly with a case where there is nothing obvious wrong. You really need to get an absolute correct Chinese Medicine diagnosis to choose a proper formula, or formulas and this is best obtained from a practitioner who can discuss more deeply your medical history, watch your response to certain formulas (not just your symptoms, but other responses relevant to us figuring out what your body needs), etc.

Your hair falling out is either blood deficiency in Chinese Medicine terms (generally from poor digestive absorption), or your thyroid is off (your numbers may be fine). Xiao yao wan can certainly throw a cycle off if it is taken incorrectly (i.e. without the correct underlying Chinese Medicine diagnosis). And the Xiang Shi Liu Ju Zi Wan can seem correct but if you are more excess or yin deficient than pure spleen weakness, yes it will cause problems.

What I can tell you basically is the worst way to choose a formula is from your symptoms - you need to know deeply what the root of these issues are, not what the end result is. That is what your practitioner can provide.


Chad, thank you so much for your response. I am under the care of a practitioner, but it doesn’t seem to be working out. When I mentioned about my cycles getting worse, she wants to switch me to Angelica and Peony, which is so similar to Xiao Yao Wan. I’m trying to explain that my cycles were fine before the herbs, but she doesn’t seem to be hearing that. She does take my pulses (always says I have weak liver and blood deficiency) and looks at my tongue (pale, light pink with a few scallops at the liver area). I have been to my naturopath and she does extra thyroid testing and says my thyroid is fine.

How would I go about finding a practitioner in my area (California)? There are lots of acupuncturists, but I do not know how to find a good herbalist…is there a list or database somewhere? Or is there someone on this forum that can help? A practitioner that I can “see” online?Do you do online consults?
Thank you kindly for your response. I am very new to TCM, but I am very drawn to its holistic approach.
Many blessings,Traci
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Working with a practitioner in person is significantly preferable and as there are very many practitioners in your state it really wouldn’t make sense to look for online only advice. When looking for a practitioner you can ask them if they’ve taken the herbal examination for the California board.


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