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Foot pulse


Hello all,

I was stretching my foot when I noticed that there was a distinct pulse near the middle of the top of the foot. If you start at the tibia and slid down the there will be some soft tissue and a depression. The pulse is located about one cun further down and half a cun towards the side of the leg that you're on (to the left for the left foot and to the right for the right foot). I know that the pulse is very important to acupuncture, do pulses in other parts of the body have significance or are they negligible compared to the wrists pulse. This question isn't urgent I was just thought it would be interesting.


There are references to pulse diagnosis using various pulses on the body, other than just the radial pulse. Some references point to 9 different pulses that can be used in making diagnosis.

I would also speculate that one could develop of system of diagnosis using other pulses which could be just as accurate as the radial pulse. The radial is just the most accessible and the one that was chosen.

Really, almost any part of the body can be used to make in depth diagnosis. This is apparent when we study other aspects of diagnosis such as tongue diagnosis, auricular diagnosis, diagnostics made by reflexologists using the hands and feet. I also use the hands, wrists, forearms, elbows, neck and Ren22 area in making diagnosis.

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