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Foot edema with neuropathy pain


Hi, everybody

I am a holistic veterinarian that practices tcvm acupuncture and learning herbs, so catching up to you all - -

I have a personal problem that I can't seem to clear that I don't see presented in animals much.

Hx: fire/water constitution with lung qi def with heat(history of smoking and unresolved grief)

issues with damp (go figure). Lately not eating as well - building the business. lyme desease (first one undiagnosed in meninges for 5yrs, second last summer - hit the joints)

Monday my left foot swelled with edema, sore ankels, but the foot has a neuropathy (cellulitis) presenting as an interior stagnation between the 1st and 2nd toes - very painful. I acup. lv 3, sp6, kd7, st36,lv8, and li11, lu5 - - it feels like I am walking on a walnut under the ball of my foot - the foot is congested and damp - other one is too, but not swollen. last night kept me awake and worsens with walking. relieves after lv 3 point, but leads to soft voice.

I'm too close to this - any ideas on acup and herbs?

I was looking at Rehmania base -

doing liver clearing stew - - chicken w/ hearts, dark greens with parsley and garlic, taking adrenal support and hawthorne and ceyanne (yesterday felt like an impending heart/stroke situation (also in hx)- bled the point, very dark slow blood movement. edema is not pitting, crt about 3sec. -working on the smoking......

most painful area (feels like glass particles in there) is between lv 2 and 1.

Thank you.

Janell Osborn


Do you have diabetes?

You need go to western hospital to sterilize your toes immediately, you must do it!


Certainly you can have flare ups from Lyme&#39s and if it is acute that seems likely. The presentations for lyme&#39s, however, are all over the place and yours sounds more like what you see in animals not in humans... My first thought upon reading your post is that you have a Morton&#39s Neuroma - but those rarely come out of nowhere. The pain, however, will be very sharp and can be intermittent based on swelling. With a relatively complicated history of Lyme&#39s and a very specific acute problem you would do best to consult with an acupuncturist locally who can physically inspect you and ask some more detailed questions. If you are not significantly better with the more acute symptoms within 5 treatments I would recommend you get your foot examined by a regular MD just so you know what you are working with...


I have had intermittant pain there before but never like this and usually the right foot with bad shoes.

I have a regular OMD, but is only in on Thurs and I have to take my dad to his doc out of town tomorrow - so it would be another week.

So, Chad - it sounds like you are saying this may be part of the lymes - so it is a damp heat coming from the liver (or gallbladder) channel possibly. and external pathogen in the nerves.

I do not have diabetes, but that is one of the pattern results from the patterns of dysharomony that I have been working with. - hope not to get there.

I am on CoQ10,high omega 3,6,9, cats claw,jap.knotweed, polygonum, and high vit. C for the lymes since last June. -

my kidneys have been taxed lately and the adrenals aren&#39t working as well as when I had regular acup. it is also a damp spring after a long winter after a cold very damp fall - - I have a feeling what I learn here will carry to a patient or two. I&#39m not surprised that you feel my lyme is more non-human animal than human presentation.......

I do yoga, but have noticed that my feet are showing a change and my ankles have been very sore, dry, and "clicky" - - - yin def. due to burning the candle, but somebody has to pay the bills.....

Thank you for your input.

I would still like to hear any input if anybody can on relieving this disharmony, it intrigues me.


Sounds like damp heat ( gb/liver channel).

Liv5, Sp9, St40,

Sj2-3 can greatly reduce edema, gb34 for joints and damp heat

Local points- liv2-3, kid1 for any stag/ pain in bottom of foot
Kid3-bl60 for ankle


Pitting or not, I too become alarmed when I here about energy blocks in the extremities, swollen feet that’s definitely a red flags for all.

Hot & clod soaking is 1st thing, Tapping w/finger Tips all points, Tap as if you were testing a melon for ripeness. See: (ETF) the Emotional freedom technique) an acupressure skill that is all the rage on YouTube. They are finding that it works on all points.

Also Plz. See Quigong’s technique called’ (Spring forest) it uses digests 2&3 pointed out strait with thumb on-top of the nail-beds of digits 4&5 like (The cub scout’s salute ) This is the (Chi sword or knife or something) any way it is a deep non-touch energy movement technique that gives comfort in it’s effect. seeToo the video on You-Tube again.. The point is to avoid any vessel damage you must address this condition immediately.. don’t wait on herbs or anything else get hands-on immediately. I’m confident (Tapping) will help you! Put your feet up as often as you can, vibrate them, in a foot bath with that feature & then lift them again. I’d find a small zilaphone club or something of that nature and tap them at every free-moment mindfully&#39, reflexology & stretching fill the gaps of the toes w/something and make fists of the feet. But what ever you do get that circulation back ASAP. Mortin..

20 Sweet cherries are anti inflammatory so is garlic. EpsonSalt soaks. Sit with feet together working on one another, create a pulse there&#39 pressing down-easing up, repeatedly. I’v seen gang green its not a pretty sight. Energy, & fluid movement fiber and tissue contraction and expansion are important. A great healer once said “In all conditions we are ither taking-away or adding-energies” to bring about a balanced state in which the body can heal it’s self” It sounds like you have excess heat to me so work on (dispersing) some swelling Sounds like heat to me! U R a smoker, Try the yang Spring forest energy dispersal method & (ETF) for-comforting the acute symptoms of discomfort your experiencing, Its wonderfully soothing and magically effective. I say get & stay more concerned/involved right away!..

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