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Food preparation


I read that microwave is bad for warming food because from the TCM point of view the food will stay cold. Since my diagnosis is qi and blood deficiency I should avoid cold and raw food. I have induction cooker, is it OK to cook on it? Also if I compare gas cooker, electric cooker and induction cooker which is the best according TCM? I will renovate kitchen next year and I would like to choose a cooker which is good for preparing healthy food.


Microwaving may be bad on your food depending on your views of what it does to the molecules of the food itself - but it certainly does not leave the food "cold". Cold and raw food should be avoided for people with yang deficiency and related syndromes, and light steaming, etc. through any method is fine. Personally I avoid microwaves (I use them, but very, very sparingly) on the issue of what it does to the food on a molecular level. Any other method is fine. It&#39s probably more important what type of pan you use on a stovetop than anything else - avoiding cheap aluminum pans particularly as the metal will leech into the foods and non-stick surfaces which may dissolve over time, chip off, and enter into your food.


After interviewing and doing research for a medical tv and radio program, macrobiotic chefs, raw food chefs, TCM practitioners , clinical nutritionist- do all agree that it is not beneficial. In my findings, the radiation could be the least of the concerns due to the fact that technology is so advanced that it is minimized. Take note, minimized, therefore still present. The most important factor is you heat food that you eat to nourish your body and microwaving simply blast and nukes out of the nutritional value of your food.

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