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Food Cures to remove Wind


I am curious as to a list of food cures to rid 1)Internal wind from the body, and 2)external wind from the wei level. Any help would be fantastic! thanks!


Internal wind is often generated from the LV Fire and/or LV Qi Stagnation - so foods that harmonize the liver (wood element) would be appropriate. Some of the foods which aid the wood element are found in our tcm dietary therapy article. External wind is divided into either wind-heat or wind-cold. Wind-cold benefits from foods which are warming and open the pores such as ginger, peppermint, basil, spicy peppers, etc. Wind-heat benefits from foods which course wind and lightly cool such as banana, strawberries, mung beans, green onions.


Do you mean wind stroke? internal wind mostly Liver wind move inside body, external wind mostly is wind cold on face muscles. The ways to cure wind stroke is herb formula soup/pills basic on diferent diagnosis, acupuncture and TCM Tuina with herb wine.

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