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Food Allergies - Facial Muscles Pain


Hi Chad,

My recovery from many issues started when i got in contact with you. Six months back, i was severely depressed, anxious with muddy thoughts, irrational thinking, full of stress. Then i started the points provided for depression, and i started recovering fast, then i was found very high in Homocysteine and deficient in B12, i clear this with supplement and continuous acupressure.

Now i have one issue left, that is still quite irritating, sometimes after having certain food i started having pain and stiffness in my facial muscles around eyes jaws, feel severe stiffness around my whole head, and stiffness in my gums and teeth, breathlessness, irritability n anger and while i am having this condition i feel it very hard to sleep.

As when i use these points, LV-3,LI4,ST36,HT7,C2(R),GB13,SI 16 i got my condition better immediately, and become symptomless with in 2 3 days. It remains fine until i start having those certain foods.

The things that bring out these condtions include, Mango,Nuts,Honey,Sugar, some fruits high in sugar,Dates among few.

I have researched the issue, and found out i probabily develop some food allergies or chemical sensitivities.

How chinese medicine see this condition. And what can be the solution to these conditions, how can these sensitivities can be reversed and is it OK the protocol i am using, infact this protocol is helping me immensely.

I have researched on both TCM and the conventional western medicine, and i found TCM has some wonderfully simple solutions to some issues those are considered very complex.




From our system you would add in the point for immune system regulation. We use the huatuo of T1 (bone marrow), T2 (thymus gland), and T3 (lung/lymph systems). As these points are hard to reach on yourself, for self-treatment we recommend using Tong Ren Therapy. You can also get someone to do deeper massage in those areas as well - or perhaps even some of the "shiatsu" type massage machines.

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