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Fluid in ear



My 4-yearold has alot of fluid in his middle ear on both sides (not sure if that is the correct English name for it) and thus his hearing is redused. He has had one operation to drain them, and now he needs another because the things they put in to let the fluid out have fallen out (as their supposed to).

Does anyone have any treatment to reccomend that does not include surgery? Acupuncture or any other?

All the best,

Dan :-)


I would consult with an acupuncturist locally in your area. These issues are commonly treated with Chinese Medicine and when properly treated may offset years of recurring infections, etc. While somewhat technical, our section on Otitis Media (middle ear infections) lists some of the points that would be applicable. Just to give you an idea of how these conditions are approached.

Usually by age 4 a child would have grown out of these types of infections (really by about 3), so it would be worthwhile allowing a Chinese Medicine practitioner to look him over.


Thanks for your quick reply :-) I will take your advise!


Children fluid in ear may come from nose, because of lung Qi deficiency easy catch cold and get sinus problem, and Spleen deficiency get too much phlegm inside body go into ear if he don&#39t know spit it out of mouth or nose, the treatment proposal should be warm lung dispel cold energy, tonify Spleen drain phlegm liquid. the medicine should be "Ling Gui Zhu Gan Tang"( 1/6 of adult use). acupunture points: ST36, Sp9, Gb20, 21, Si3, Ub 12, 13, 20,23.


Thank you :-)


The fluid in the middle ear, especially in children under six, is due a blockage in the Eustachin Tube outflow system. This tube empties excess fluid into the Nasapharynx area but this nasapharynx area in the back of the throat, also allow bacteria to enter into the middle ear, causing ear infections. The sugery this little guy had was to reroute fluid out to the outer ear via the inserted tube. This surgery is used very common in children who have chronic ear infections. Usually children under 6 have eustachin tube that are not at an good downward angle into the nasapharynx area. The steeper angle of the eustachin tube happens when the child starts to have growth spurts and the neck elongates.

Traditional Medince works very well for children in relieving the frequent pain. An other treatment that might be considered is Ear Candling to remove excess wax from the outer ear and evaporating fluid in the middle ear. Ear Candling is also less invasive. I get very good results when I combine the two treatment together.

You might also try gargling with this young one. Start with warm salt water to clean & heal the throat. You might also use a Neti pot each night to clean out the &#39germs of the day&#39 from the nasal/throat area. There is also the use of perioxide at half strength gargle: but prepare him for the foam that will result from the perioide.


Thanks, Joan! I will look into ear candling too. We live at a very small place, so there&#39s not many options here :-(


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