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Flu like symptoms


Hallo, I am 23 years
I have weak muscles since I was born, and a very shallow breathe and shakey voice. Recently I started getting fuggy vision and achy joints so I had a blood test to check if I have any deficiencies, but the results came “perfect”
A friend of mine stuggested vitamine B12 two month ago. I started taking it and all the symptoms have gone. But the problem is that when I don’t take the pill I get flu like symptoms (very fatigued, sore throat, and ucler in my mouth !) The new symptoms won’t go away unless I take the vitamine again. I really want to know what is happening.

My diet is very clean, only organic no prossesd food and full of veggies. I don’t excersice and I don’t go to work, I live in the Netherlands (very wet cold weather)

Thanks for help!

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