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Floaters in eyes


Dear Sir,
I’ve aged 65 years and would like to have the kindness to help me with your recommendations on some diseases that have appeared recently.
In July occurred in the right eye a floater. In August I felt a easy numbness of pinkie of the right hand and three days ago and three days ago I saw a floater at left eye.
I do not know the cause, but I am convinced that reading too much time on the Internet is not good. I am guilty because I exaggerated!
I would like to know the cause of these disorders.
I would very much follow an acupuncture treatment with formula of needles and medicinal plants recommended by you.


How often are the floaters occurring? If it was just one floater on those two occasions that is likely just due to eye strain and other than resting your eyes treatment is probably not necessary. If you are spending a lot of time seated in front of a computer your posture is likely to be affected. It is increasingly common that people are losing the natural curve of the spine in the neck, which in turn puts more pressure on the nerves and can lead to numbness and/or tingling in the hands. There are a variety of exercises and stretches you can do to restore the natural curve of the neck - search “restore cervical curve” on youtube.

Acupuncture can be very effective as well in reducing/eliminating numbness, especially if it only begun just recently.


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