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Five Element Step Method


During the Aggressive Energy step to be cleared before CF treatment begins, the protocol states there is a Test stage and there is a list of UB and corresponding points chart…What are the test points? It says the test needles should be inserted after the Shu points. Since the UB points and the Shu points are corresponding, what are the test points?


I’m assuming you must be asking about a particular page on our site? Can you link to it if so?


This is the link to the page I am referring to regarding clearing Aggressive Energy. The location of test points is difficult to understand in relation to the UB-Shu points in the box. Please explain this step further. Thank you for the reply.


Ah, yes, now I know what you are asking about… So the “test” needles are just needling non-points (similar to sham needling) outside of the bladder line but inline with the point. You are using that to test the redness of proper point location, needling and response to that of just a normal “any point” type response. Some might argue this are unnecessary if you are getting the clinical changes that you want.


Ok, got it. That makes sense. Thank you.
Best to you and thank you for this web sight.
Cathy Hotz

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