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Five Element Analysis

I filled up a five element questionnaire for my son and tabulated the data… ( image attached ) Five Elements Data

How do I proceed in utilizing this data.? What understanding can I get from these numbers?

thank you for your time.

Often if the person is relatively healthy you will only gain a potential understanding of weak spots in their system. With these weak spots it might simply mean certain foods you might eat more or less of, or certain weather you are more cautious in. It is fundamentally a very relative system.

To get a little deeper, I would suggest you read every section of our classical five element acupuncture section. While some of the acupuncture specific information will not be very useful to a layperson, the diagnostic approach and ultimate meaning will give some general clarity towards how that might be used.

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Thank you for the clarity. The patient in question is my elder son age 34… he is special needs and has edema on the right foot / ankle area. no swelling on toes. Doctors have titled it as Peripheral Edema due to Venous Insufficiency . Diuretics have been tried, did not help. Other conditions… ( I know it is a lot )
postnatal jaundice, floppy baby syndrome, developmental delays, spoke late, math, even basic math is a challenge,
cognitive / reasoning abilities low, Diagnosis keywords- connective tissue disorder, Marfans, ( genetic )
Lipoma on back, hands and legs.

There is a lot on the plate… on the plus side … his overall general health is above average.

if someone can guide me on treating this condition >> " If you have chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), the valves don’t work like they should and some of the blood may go back down into your legs. That causes blood to pool or collect in the veins. Over time, CVI can cause pain, swelling , and skin changes in your legs" it would be very much appreciated.

I have taken him to a few acupuncturist in our area … multiple sessions and it has not helped.

much gratitude for this forum. In search of a protocol or call it a quest.

To be honest, helping your son with acupuncture and Chinese Medicine is possible, but even from a skilled practitioner this would likely involve weekly appointments for at least 1-2 years. The timeframe with Chinese Medicine and deep chronic conditions is often not what people might expect or hope for, but that’s what it often is. You might seem some improvement in the 3 month time frame, but if you were going to use Chinese Medicine you would have to be in it for a considerable amount of time.

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