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First Meridian Therapy Session - extreme discomfort next day. Is this normal?


So I went to a lady who does a lot of different massage techniques, but one of the things she mentioned she was using was acupressure meridian therapy. So I went because I had knee pain, but manageable knee pain, and because I wanted to see if she could help me with her teas for inflammation and PCOS. So, of course the next day I have bruising under the skin, but I’m used to that because I’m sensitive. The issue is that now, from a point in my hip, all the way down to my knee there is a muscle that is in A LOT of discomfor. Like distress discomfort. I don’t want to keep paying her to fix a problem she created if that’s the case, but I figure this community may have a better idea of what’s happening. The most painful pressure point she used was in the middle of my butt cheeks after she pulled my knee over to one side. Help, please!


While this is not really related to Chinese Medicine in any way, I’ll offer what I can. Deep tissue therapies can frequently be quite painful. My guess is that she was trying to loosen your IT band (which is tight on many people) to take tension away from the knees. This can certainly lead to soreness for a few days following a treatment. It may happen the first few times, but after that with communicating with your practitioner about your response they learn (or good therapists do anyhow) what your body can handle and what it can’t. After some of the initial opening happenings and your therapist knows how your body responds these stronger responses should not happen.

There are a host of things, however, that can go wrong with aggressive techniques and if you have pain that doesn’t go away in a couple weeks and/or it keeps happening after more than 3 treatments I would stop seeing that therapist and consult with your medical doctor for proper evaluation.

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