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Finger muscles weak


me shahbaz from lahore,pakistan. I m see some youtube clips are really good. age50,hight5.9-no sugar or blood pressure,i have infra red heat bulb and massager also but my fingers muscles often weak when im in anger.job office work,tell me the cure accupuntre points.
and also tel me i have children red laser pointer (630nm and 5mw) is usefull for stimulate accu points thanks.


Generally your condition is either arthritis in your hands and/or the problem comes from much higher such as your neck/shoulder tension with the hands only being the result.

Our acupuncture for arthritis page has some of the general patterns for treating arthritis and near the bottom of that page there are some points for specific areas. I would start there.


thanks lot sir response me,my age50,weight 79kg,little low sugar no blood
pressure,MBBS dr advice take methecobal tab mean vitamin b12,whom is little
cure me but temporary result so i m much interested in acupunter so kindly
informe specific points to stimulate, i have vibrate massager,pulser and
infrared bulb also.


Please click on and read the links I referenced, the answers you are looking for are there.


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