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Hi all,

Have a client with fibromyalgia 11 of 18 trigger points, constant pain, medical Drs treating her with Zoloft and valium also a med for thyroid condition. Would like any input on what meridians to work with acupressure? Has a history of stored up emotions in her tissue, i can feel it when i administer Myofascial release techniques, many restrictions (too many to mention). Also would like any input as to herbal treatment to get her off Meds. Hands shake from Zoloft (unbelievable how these med Drs treat with meds to illeviate symptoms).

Again, would like any input to treat, get her off the meds.

Thanks Dennis


I have treated a couple of clients diagnosed with this condition, of varying degrees. The best result I got was after a couple of treatments with little/no improvement I changes tact & tried superficial needling of points. I also used cupping to move the Qi. After another 2-3 visits the client reported more improvement that when deep needling was used. This may help you.


Check on the patient's sleeping habits and bedroom light.

A recent Circadian Rhythm conference highlighted the importance of a dark bedroom for sleeping in relation to both mood and immune system related issues. The presence of light disrupts melatonin production by the pineal gland. The medical explanation can be found by searching melatonin on a browser.

Bedroom light is a factor of our modern age of artificial light. Our bodies evolved without artificial light. People think that it is absolutely harmless to stay up late watching television. The older cathode ray tubes even add a 30 Hz. flicker causing brain wave entrainment to further interfere with the lower brainwave frequencies found in deep sleep, i.e. 2 Hz.

Melatonin supplements are being investigated for a wide variety of mood disorders and immune system related issues. It makes more sense to optimize that portion of the body's immune response by natural methods instead of supplements.

Dave G.


With fibromyalgia patients if sleeping pattern is affected and usually is, it defenetly needs to be corrected, I agree. I have found that these patients are hard to recover and part of it in my opinion is that there is a strong psycho/emotional component to their condition and they don't necesarrily want to heal completly.

These are two tx sugguestions that I haven't try but they are intended for complicated/multiple complaints.

1) Richard Tan's Pattern 1 (treats all 12 meridians)

R: LU11, PC9, HT9 L: LI4, SI3, SJ3

R: ST36, GB34, UB40 L: SP6, LV4, KI3

2) Eight Confluent Points Protocol:

SJ5, GB41, SP4, PC6, LU7, KI6, SI3, BL 62 + Ren 6

If you try this, please share the outcome. Good luck!


If you look right below where you posted you will see a link was created for Fibromyalgia (CFS). This links to our conditions treated section where you will see related articles, treatment protocols, etc. On that page I would recommend you read our Acupuncture Protocols for Fibromyalgia/CFS article (link near the bottom on the left side) and I added a page for our Tong Ren Therapy protocol which is applicable to acupressure, acupuncture, energy healing, and any other form of point stimulation. The main point of treatment is to calm the immune/inflammatory activity, from our system we use the huatuo (points .5 inch from the spine) area of T1, T2 and T3 (the bone marrow, thymus gland and lung/lymph system respectively).

Her other symptoms, from your description, sound like yin deficiency in Chinese terms. For this acupressure on KD 6 and LU 7 is good, PC 7 is another good choice. She should see a practitioner for herbal alternatives to her zoloft, etc. - a good general anxiety reducer (and safe) is our CZ herbal formula.

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