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Fibroid Problem


Dear Doctor

I am practicing Acupressure and one of my patient is stuggling for Fibroids in Utures. The size of the Fibroids is 9.5 mm. I have started treating just before 2 weeks and I have fear that, is it possible to degenerate the Fibroids in the shorter period.

Please inform me the quiker reliever points to regenerate the fibroids.... but I will not do Acupunture.

Thanks and regards

Suresh S


Hello Suresh,

Acupressure is not strong enough to shrink a fibroid that size. You should refer the patient to an acupuncturist who also practices herbal medicine and they should be able to help.

In general terms you have to harmonize the liver system - so some points along the liver channel, specifically LV 8 and LV 3 can be helpful. But there is much more to it that a properly trained acupuncturist can offer, so I would refer.

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