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thank you.


As I use a slightly unique form of acupuncture, the Tam Healing System, my input will vary from the more general TCM related information as it is presented on my site. That said, the points I would consider will make sense even without a full understanding of the system I work within.

Your patient has a mix of qi stagnation, yin deficiency, and some yang vacuity as well. In general your points look fine, but they were either not strong enough to move the stagnation or the stagnation is not the root disharmony. This is hard to say without seeing the patient, but for menstrual/fertility issues if the period isn't improved significantly within 3 cycles you are probably on the wrong track.

My general TCM presentation on infertility treatment can be read here.

For a patient with these signs, I would consider the following points (and I would adapt based on their individual signs of course):

For Infertility in general - Deep massage at TH 17 and surrounding area on the side that is most tender or both, then needling of the huatuo points at T7, L1, L3, and GV 22 for the hypothalamus regulation (along with more standard points as you see fit - SP 6, SP 10, HT 7, GB 20, etc.), after needles are out finish with deep tuina at the huatuo's of T7, L1, L3. T7 for spleen/blood issues, L1 for the adrenals/sex organs, and L3 for the ovaries.

For some of the other immune related signs (allergies, rashes, etc.) I would add the huatuo of T1, T2, T3 (those three for the immune system - bone marrow, thymus gland, and lung system respectively), and T4 for the sweating. You can include these as well in the tuina at the end - cupping would also be appropriate in any of huatuo segments mentioned particularly if there is strong muscle tension there.

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