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Fertility questions


My husband and I were told on May 13 2016 that my left tube is complete closed and my right isn’t far from being closed. My cervix has some scarring and I have previously had an ectopic in my left tube. Will acupuncture be able to help ? Do you accept insurance?


Acupuncture is very helpful for a range of underlying fertility issues, certainly including blocked fallopian tubes. A practitioner level guide to some of the basic patterns and treatment points for a range of underlying diagnoses from a Chinese perspective is available at our acupuncture for female infertility page.

A more general article discussing some of the basic approaches within Chinese Medicine for fertility is available in my article “Acupuncture for male and female fertility”.

For your insurance question, you seem to be asking about us specifically (this is a public forum, so I can’t be sure). Insurance coverage will vary from state to state and practitioner to practitioner, so you’ll have to ask your specific practitioner.

For my clinic in Chattanooga, my answers to these general questions are on my common questions page within our clinic site.

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