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Hello, new to the forum.

Treating a patient who has had a miscarriage and trying to conceive.

Confused that some of the the points strongly recommended for fertility and conception (the lower abdominal points) are contraindicated in pregnancy - so how safe are they to use when there is a possibility that the patient might be in very early pregnancy (before a missed period)?

We generally use Five Element Acupuncture, with other points for specific "conditions" as required.

Any help and advice appreciated.


I don&#39t know how to say this without it seeming elitist - but in all honesty if you need to ask this question you should probably refer the patient to another practitioner who is more experienced with fertility issues within Chinese Medicine.

To answer your question in general terms, however, properly used all of the points are entirely safe during pregnancy. Not just safe -- but properly used it may mean the difference between a patient sustaining their pregnancy or not. Properly used Chinese Medicine is significantly helpful for all aspects of menstrual issues, fertility, pregnancy, avoiding miscarriage, etc. Most of the CV point contraindications have more to do with advanced pregnancy and deep needling than the functions of the points themselves. The main thing, however, is not to treat "fertility" or "propensity towards miscarriage" and certainly not to use points for "conditions" which defeats the entire diagnostic underpinning of Chinese Medicine. Rather you should treat with TCM diagnoses, or in your case five element diagnoses and stick to treating what presents in its entirety - the root not symptoms so to speak. Generally a propensity towards miscarriage needs blood strengthening herbs and/or points - but that would be a generalization that I only offer for a reference point. Proper diagnosis with all treatments is crucial.


Thank you for your reply. I perfectly understand your point of view.

We will of course use Five Element treatment, but when treating a patient with a specific need it is also normal for practitioners to read around that specific subject, and to ask questions when the information is ambiguous. This is how we expand our knowledge and become more experienced in different areas.

Thank you for clarifying this issue.


I specialise in fertility and pregnancy, and am also a 5 element practitioner.

Ren points are safe as long as they are above the fundus - so if your patient becomes pregnant you have at least 8 weeks to go before this becomes an issue. You should also be able to tell from the pulses if someone is pregnant anyway.

If you want to stay treating your patient, I suggest you contact another more experienced practitioner to mentor you. Pregnancy is not an illness but, it is a special condition. Much is different, the same as in biomedicine, and it really needs a respectful, knowledgable approach.

Treat the CF, if you do not know about the specifics of fertility/miscarriage/pregnancy. There are few conraindications to this, apart from LI4 and Sp 6/8. Even then, it is generally OK within the confines of a gentle 5E treatment.

In all honesty, if you want to work with women on the childbearing cycle, it is best to do some extra training.


I was taught that there are 5 points that should never bu used in confirmed or suspected pregnancy: GB21, LI4, SP6, UB60, and UB 67. I was also taught that points below the level of the unbillicus are contraindicated in the first trimester, points on the abdomen in general contraindicated in the second and third trimesters.

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