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Ferriprive Anemia


I have been diagnosed with a severe ferriprive anemia ( very low iron, about 10 ) and very low hemoglobin too.

I started a treatment with GUI PI WAN and BA ZHEN WAN, which do help me a lot in conjunction with heme iron.

Would you have any other recommandation to make to improve the hemoglobin reconstitution and iron stocks as rapidly as possible, please ?


Are you taking those formula based on the prescription from a practitioner or are you taking them by your counsel? Herbal therapy is significantly more involved than trying to match a particular herb to a specific symptom or desired physiological response. So the short answer is that your question, as posed, is not answerable without considerably more information regarding your case.

Keep in mind that herbal therapy is not as intense or fast acting as pharmaceuticals. Depending on how long you’ve had the anemia it could take several months or even longer to bring the iron back up to ‘normal’ levels.

In TCM terms anemia is usually associated with a weakness or deficiency of the blood. Certain foods are better to help strengthen the blood. These include eggs, red meat, bone marrow, leafy greens, beets, barley, walnuts, and black sesame among others.


Assuming you have the appropriate underlying TCM diagnosis, I would generally use bu zhong yi qi wan instead of gui pi wan - si wu tang wan might be better with some underlying diagnoses. Possibly combining that with ba zhen wan would lead to better results.

What are your other symptoms? Is your tongue pale? What does your diet generally consist of? How long have you been anemic at this point? Had you had a history of excessive bleeding for any reason?


Thank you for your kind answer.

I am supervised by a TCM practitioner and I am also considering my own health by myself.

The formulas were recommended to me by my HCP.

The base of m treatment is, indeed, the food I eat.


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