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Fen Ci Fang Formula


Hello, I have question about this formula. I would like to know if maybe someone is knowledgeable about ingredients of this recipe with all grammage.

Thank you.


Fen ci fang is the name for acne generally in Chinese Medicine (also just fen ci or mian bao). There isn’t a standard formula by that name that I’m aware of. I’ve seen some patents with that on the bottle, but I’m not sure of the ingredients or what it is drawn from besides clearing heat. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

I’m fairly certain you already know this based on some of your other posts, but for the edification of other potential readers, trying to treat acne with a standard formula will likely lead to poor results. There are a multitude of underlying factors with acne which must be taken into account before choosing an appropriate formula.


Maybe I will be more clear. There is some formula similar to this one? “clears heat and damp heat and nourishes kidney Yin”


There are … what symptoms are you trying to treat?


The symptoms are acne, PE, uncomfortable feeling in the chest - clenching like, like something stuck there. I healed mostly of my critical diseases by neidan/qigong and meditation + some formulas but only cosmetic stuff is left. :slight_smile:


Without a tongue or pulse it would be hard to be conclusive but that sounds an awful lot like liver qi stagnation - particularly plum pit qi. I would do 2 things. One - be absolutely certain you are not holding your breath while you are practicing qi gong and meditation - it’s easy to do and not as easy as one might think to ensure you are not doing it. Just let the breathing be natural when you are practicing - do not force it to follow the movements. This is a sure fire way to end up stagnating energy.

Generally, jia wei xiao yao wan, is probably the easiest formula to recommend. If there is more yin involvement, then something like that during the day and suan zao ren at night would likely work. You have to be very careful with stronger clearing herbs, although at times they may seems appropriate for acne in particular. They can end up being too dispersive and weakening.


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