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Feet burning sensation very painful


Patient female 68 years, 5 year previously, had blisters on feet caused by fungal infection. Antigens entered through opening made by M.D. resulting in sceptisemia. This was treated by M. Do. with only limited success. She has tried everything possible, the problem has become critical and chronic. She has a sensitivities to salt, heat and sweets, can not lay down on her back, tongue is red with white coat.

Feet are always dark red when she comes, lightens when raised, she keep right foot on ice pack to relieves the severe burning sensation, it is to tender to examine, she believes it is caused by a fungal and bacterial infection. I have treated the circulation and stimulated energer through meridians she seems to improve but it only lasts at most 2 days. I am about to try working on the huatuojiaji points.

Any suggestions very much appreciated

Thank you


Besides the pain what other symptoms does she have (i.e. any others related to a systemic infection, etc.). What is your overall diagnosis? And what points, exactly, have you been using?

When you say it improves after treatment, what improves exactly and to what degree? Is she entirely pain free to a couple days, 50%, etc.?


This is "Re Bi"(热痹), use points Ub40 bleeding to clear feet heat. also can add Du14, Li11.


Thank you for you help, I will definately try this

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