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Feeling tired after wet cupping


I have had palpitations and low back pain in the past possibly due to my unhealthy lifestyle.

I tried wet cupping on all my back few days ago and did 15 cups. My back is feeling sore and firm. Also noticed some palpitations and feeling really tired. My legs and muscles feel particularly weak. I was diagnosed by tcm practitioner of my kidneys being weak a few years ago.

Can you help please?



It sounds like you are treating yourself - is that correct? If so, I strongly advise against that. Further if your previous practitioner was correct and you have kidney qi deficiency - you should -not- be doing dispersive techniques such as wet cupping as it is very likely to be weakening to you and make your situation worse.

For the most part you should feel alright within a week so long as you don’t continue performing wet cupping on yourself.

If you are deficient you likely need techniques such as moxibustion, but I wouldn’t do anything unless directly recommended by a practitioner who is familiar with your overall health and can watch you over time.


Hi, thanks for your quick response.
I did treat myself as I went to the cupping person myself. I’m drinking lots of water which is helping me I think as I feel better now.
Any advice on my recovery from the cupping?


Just rest and don’t continue to do it. The effects of it should cease within 3-7 days.


thanks appreciate your advice


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