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Fecal breath due to sinusitis and sjogrens


I have rheumatoid arthritis and secondary sjogrens. So with this being said I have severe dry mouth. Are there any remedies for this? I also have developed chronic sinusitis. Please help.


Are you taking pharmaceutical medication(s)? Have you already tried any remedies for it?


Technically Chinese Medicine is quite good at treating a range of autoimmune conditions and certainly rheumatoid and sjogren’s fall into the treatable categories. I mention this because, properly applied, you wouldn’t really want to limit Chinese Medicine to managing a few of the tertiary symptoms. I strongly recommend you find a Chinese Medicine practitioner in your area who practices both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine and work with them for a minimum of 3 months. You will get much further letting an expert help you with these very treatable conditions than trying to self manage a variety of symptoms.


I’m currently taking Humira, methotrexate, and folic acid for my ra. I take Salagen for the dry mouth. I use biotene products. I’ve used quite a few different dry mouth toothpaste and mouthwashes over the years but always go back to biotene products. My ent dr has me on Allegra, cefuroxime, and a dose pack of prednisone for my sinus/allergies, plus allergy shots. I also do the nasal irrigation and my ent prescribed me budesonide to add to my nasal irrigation. Plus I’ve gotten rid of any dental decay that the dry mouth has caused n I’m still having issues. It’s so frustrating.


This is my next step Chinese medicine and acupunture bc I’ve tried acupunture in the past but it was getting so expensive.

Thank you


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