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Fatigue and mental slowness after acupuncture



This Tuesday(Voting Day) i had acupuncture done to help fight off chronic stress and anxiety induced by OCD. Since the procedure i have felt extremely Fatigued, i have to make an effort just to keep my head up. I feel like my entire body is full of Molasis… I am unable to get an erection and feel numb and disconnected. I was wondering how long this might last and if any of the affects may be long lasting. So far its been three days since it was done…


For my answers to essentially the same questions, please see this thread. (Read both of my responses in that thread).

If you are normally quite anxious your body in some ways (in extremely simplistic terms) needs to be shut down. You should honor this process and not fight against it. For the most part, so long as you communicate well with your practitioner, this should only happen to this degree the first 1-3 appointments. Your body has to relearn how to function outside of fight or flight - it’s a process that takes some time.


When is it the body is healing most - when resting, sleeping? If you have to sleep afterward maybe that is a good sign, cause your body is demanding deep healing. Sometimes people get really sleepy after a good yoga session because the body needs to go into that sleep like state to integrate everything it’s experienced and “learned”.

Also you could ask for less needles in your treatment. Weaker people need fewer needles or the number of needles would overwhelm, because it takes energy from the body to integrate the energies instilled by the needles.


I am still very fatigued and feel as i if the affects of the acu session
still havnt worn off… When do you think i will be back to the way i was
before acupuncture?


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