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Fatigue and imbalance

I feel exhausted fatigue from environmental stress and study commitments.
Also the last couple of days I caught a bad cold and the GP gave antibiotic and kortizon spray. taking it for 7 days
From previous time I take Zao Ren Tang Pian Wan for 2 months now which the TCM practitioner suggested and it helped with insomnia and mental overstimulation but I still am overstimulated with emotional and physical symptoms. memory andattention is bad.
At night when I am trying to fall asleep I end up getting heart palpitations (don’t have them during the day) and if I’ve eaten protein panic attack. I have huge dark circles and reddish in eyes and skin is yellow
I can’t go to the gym because of that
So, to encapsulate my issues
Emotional symptoms
very dark circles and puffiness
heart palpitations - at night
Physical symptoms
i’m not sure if i have taken the right root with herbs and because i feel these symptoms.

Do you mean suan zao ren?

tang pian and wan all mean functionally the same thing, so you are saying you are taking zao ren - which I’m assuming but wanted to be sure is suan zao ren?

yes suan zao ren, i wrote it by mistake

What is the dose you have been taking of suan zao ren? And by “helped” what exactly improved and to what degree from taking it. What does your TCM practitioner think, have they tried any other formulas. What is your diagnosis, if you know it, from their perspective in TCM terms? What does your tongue look like?

Long story short, suan zao ren is a fairly mild formula so you are either not taking enough or it needs to be combined with or replaced by another formula.

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i have been taking 6 pills/day, 3 pills suan zao ren in the morning and 3 pills suan zao ren at night 1 hour before sleep, i had experienced in the past psychotic episode and was prescribed chemical meds antipsychotic and a/d by western medicine docs which helped ease down akathisia and mental fatigue , lots of adverse reactions to body and mind including fatigue and loss of energy and not the appropriate medical practice by docs
suan zao ren is the only formula I have tried in

Chinese medicine and that’s 2 months only. in previous post you mentioned at least 4 months for prescription to have solid effect. Memory and attention are low and that impacts my performance on the course and thus my emotional aspect.
I attached photo of tongue

And are the “pills” the teapills (the tiny brown balls) or capsules? Either way that is likely too mild. You might do better with something a bit more strengthening to the yin and spleen qi. Without knowing you it is difficult to provide too much, so you should likely run this past your doctor. But I would think xiao yao wan perhaps with suan zao ren during the day - an am, noon and dinner dose, then either liu wei di huang wan or qi ju di huang wan at night and see if that doesn’t got a bit deeper.

the teapills, the tiny brown balls.
I get protein from white meat mostly chicken and tuna fish.
i run out of xiao yao wan in teapills and i got for this month in powder form from the UK
what is the time frame for relieving the root cause?
I have 2 days so far with qi ju di huang wan
what Im considering is tal from the a/p will make the symptoms worse if i wean off, can i counteract it with the current herbs?

I have tried suan zao with qi ju di hung wang and have managed to stay with mild withdraw, some high extent withdraw have been counteracted with not high intensity.
i have a question the yin tonifying herb( qi ju di hung wang ) are supposed to be taken during the day or night?

because if taken at night before bed then it disrupts sleep or no?
what is the Chinese practitioner points i should be aware of?

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