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Family member in Coma

Hello, I believe strongly and understand the Chinese medical philosophy. My uncle had a heart attack last week and is still in a coma unresponsive on a ventilator. I read your article and information on Tong for coma, but what is your best advice/solution for someone who has a loved one in this situation at the hospital? Some days his breathing gets better and little reaction when family is in room but others it’s little worse on breathing.

I’m sorry to hear about your father. Unfortunately, unless you happen to be in China, things are not very well integrated here in the west. In China your father would likely be getting acupuncture and/or herbal medicine along with western care all together - but here many times it would be hard to even find a practitioner that has hospital privileges.

That said, western medicine is generally quite good in acute/trauma situations, so he is likely in good hands.

You mention tong ren (which is an energy healing technique) for coma, yes, technically you can submit healing requests for your father during any number of the free and live healing sessions available at

I would suggest you do that. When your father is released from the hospital then you can find a skilled practitioner who practices acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to help him regain his strength and avoid future complications.

Brandon, firstly I’m very sorry that your uncle is so sick. I think in some places, an acupuncturist can be allowed to treat hospitalized patients, so you may want to talk to his doctors about this. Even if in principle he could be treated, since he’s not conscious, approval from a healthcare proxy would likely be necessary. Acupressure or qi healing might be options as well.

Wishing you and him good things.

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