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Failed two IVF. Abnormal embryo results. Can herbs help to improve the egg quality?


Need to improve the egg quality.


Yes, this is a common reason to visit an acupuncturist and there is much that can be accomplished in the majority of cases. There are, however, no cut and dry formulas that can be recommended. Generally speaking you are enriching the yin and tonifying the blood in Chinese Medicine terms to improve egg quality. How this is accomplished however needs to be tailored to each individual. I would suggest you consult with a licensed acupuncturist in your area that both has experience working with fertility and practices Chinese herbal medicine. You should expect to see them for a minimum of 3 months in most cases.

While not specific to egg quality, an article I wrote “Acupuncture for Male and Female Infertility (A General Introduction)” may be a good starting point. Another research synopsis I wrote for premature ovarian failure offers a general idea of the capacity of acupuncture to influence the relevant hormones and systems.


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