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My patient is very worried since her faeces are really green, very dark green. No blood, however with a little bit of slime. She is thinking about a carcinoom since her natural therapist told her about this possibility. When she came to me she was very agitated and nervous. Not at ease at all. Her stomach meridian felt very hard and tensed. A lot of noise in her abdominal area and no energy whatsoever. What do you advise me? Try to lower her pace and a soft abdominal treatment of just send her to a regular doctor/hospital?



Green generally comes from bile that has not yet changed color as the food is moving too quickly through the intestines (i.e. loose stools/diarrhea) or from eating alot of green foods. There are many, many reasons to have diarrhea and it will often pass, so I would only get concerned after 3-5 days perhaps. This can also happen with IBS, crohn&#39s disease and other GI problems which are more serious. So the most important part is to find the cause. If you do not feel capable of this you should first send your patient to a regular doctor. If they do not find anything you will have to do an extensive workup - saying she is tired and a meridian is tight really isn&#39t enough information to base anything on. Try the ten questions section for more information on forming a proper diagnosis - along with the tongue and the pulse.


green color faeces may gallbaldder liquid color, if the slime color is white, she may have gallbalder inflammation, or liver & gallbalder damp heat going down. needle the liver and gallblader meridians may help.

Points: Ub18,19, Lv14, St36.

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