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Facial numbness after acpuncture and eye pain for 5 days


I had acpuncture 5 days ago. The acpuncturist put the needle into my forehead and about 6 mins in my face went numb and tingly. He saud that usually doesnt happen. It has been 5 days since the treatment have tingly still by sinuses and my eyes feel strange like they want to jump when I close them. Also have pain by nose area.

Is this nerve damage or muscle problem?.

Thank you


Were you having any pain in face or sinus congestion prior to your treatment? Do you recall how he put the needle in - perpendicular to the skin or did he thread it along the surface?


No. No eye pain or sinus pain. Don’t really recall. He didnt put alcohol or clean the area either. Someone told me he might have activated nerves that werent activated before. He told ne there is only muscles where he put the needle


I think it was just on the surface.


Going to see my dr on Thursday again for this


So the first most important information before any feedback can be offered is what were you seeing the acupuncturist for? And was this the only treatment you’ve ever had for these issues - or have you had multiple acupuncture treatments before.

Also, is the acupuncturist and fully licensed acupuncturist (if they have licensing in your area)? or an MD or some other medical specialist performing the acupuncture?


This was the only treatment for this. He is liscensed in the state I am in. He is l.a.c. c.a. He had very good ratings. And when I called him. He told me to come back in and he would do some cupping which I didnt want. He said I shouldnt have this reaction.


Again, what were you seeing him for initially? All you said was "this was the only treatment for ‘this’ ".


For weakness from Bactrim withdrawl. Not able to eat. I wrote him today. He suggested I go to a neurologist.


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