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Eye Twitch


I am an acpuncturist and herbalist wondering what anyone would have to say about lower lid severe eye twitches? Just a general inquiry, sort of like how back and knee pain might be KI or bloating is SP. Does anyone have a guess-timate as to where eye twiches to fall into?

Wind? Liver? It's just the left eye and they get bad enough where they can be seen by other people.



It's generally liver wind or local wind invasion similar to bell's palsy for example. It can show up in people with allergies, chronic neck tension and/or generally strong liver stagnation. Treatment would of course vary depending on the diagnosis but in our system we generally use strong tuina in the sky window area of the neck along with cupping in the upper back.


Eye Lid Twitch - Eye Lid flickering, due to wind from either internal or external wind.

Heart and Spleen Deficiency - Liver Wind - External Wind Invasion

If it happens when you are tired or stressed I think it would be HT/SP deficiency.

Where as if not, then Liver Wind or External Wind Invasion.

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