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Eye sight due to Multiple Sclerosis



I treat a patient suffering with MS. We do make some progress with her body in total. Also her eye sight improved (according to her doctor her left eye improved from 20 to 40% sight) but nevertheless she needs stronger glasses (?). Anyhow, her main eye problem is a retrobulbaire neuritis (left side). I treat her on the points Liver3, K6, St 3/4/5, GB 42. Do you have an advice about other useful points?

Thank you in advance.


As opposed to many other eye conditions, visual disturbances from MS may not respond as efficiently from TCM pattern based treatment as they will from a full consideration of the root of the problem. In other words treatment should focus on the MS with the eye as an extension of the symptoms not a symptom of a related pattern such as LV/GB heat rising (for example).

For additional points I would read the Tong Ren Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis page. These points are applicable for tuina, acupuncture, and tong ren therapy/medical qi gong. In particular I would focus with tuina in particular on the sky window area points listed as well as GB 19 for the visual cortex area of the brain.


Thank you very much for your comments. Very helpful for me

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