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Eye disorders


Hi dear group,

I have two new patients who have eye conditions. One has cataract and the other is diagnosed with macular degeneration. I would like to learn more about diagnosing and treating these conditions. I am trained in Japanese meridian acupuncture and TCM. Could you please point me at good resources (books, articles, etc) if you know any or share your experience treating eye disorders. I will love to provide specifics about my patients but don't want to overload the forum with information unless there is interest in this topic. Thank you!


Our eye disorders acupuncture treatment page contains very general diagnosis and treatment options. You would have to be far more specific with case details (including what you have tried and why you feel it isn&#39t working) to get more information on such a broad subject. Generally eye problems have some sort of Liver and Blood involvement but there are other reasons.

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