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Extremely vivid nightmares


Below is what I wrote to my acupuncturist in an email before I go for some treatment today… I’m nervous to sleep because of how real my dreams have become… Intense dreaming (emotional)
3 nights in a row wake up crying
One dream 2 nights ago of war (like Pearl Harbor) and my son being shot in front of me with my cousin who was trying to take him to a safe place while risking her own life and both of them being taken from me… i was screaming in my dream and woke up crying so bad… ironically when I woke up my son came out of his room (super early) and ran into mine
last nights dream is why I decided to write this down… This one was so vivid and almost satanic that I didn’t want to go back to sleep and forced myself to stay up. Dreamt a friend of mine was teaching me to be more aware of the “spirit of life around me” she said, "if I wanted to live a life of longevity I had to follow this book and prepare for what happens next … I literally felt even a jolt in my dream as if I was awake but something else was controlling me and I wasn’t acting myself. First time I tried her theory I was sitting on a bed in a dark room with her and 2 other girls and i felt a jolt and pull where my vision was blurred and I had ringing in my ears almost like everything around me became blurry and so intense that it pushed me to nearly pass out but I came to and my friend Jessy said that I needed to “wake up” and grab a hold of the spirit inside me and embrace the feeling instead of push it away if I wanted to live a longer life… when I tried it for a second time in my dream it was almost like something came over my body and when I started talking I sounded satanic (wasn’t my voice) talking to my friend Jessy crawling towards her asking her if “this is how it’s supposed to be” but she was calmly supporting me in the entire experience saying this was normal and what is supposed to happen when you can grab ahold of the energy but to not let the energy take control like it did the first time… this freaked me out so much that I woke up and literally forced myself to stay awake cause the dream was so real and everything I felt in the dream was so real that I did want to go back to sleep. Almost as if I was following her instruction to take control of my weakness of being tired or something and I was literally afraid of falling back asleep cause of the fear of not waking up.

Seems as though each thing or person i think about before bed are what I dream or have a nightmare about that night but these are certainly the most intense/vivid levels I’ve ever experience where I wake up crying or panicked and have a severe headache for the day…


Intense dreaming is not uncommon and is a fairly well understood phenomenon in Chinese Medicine. Which means there are effective ways of treating it. That said, there are other causes, particularly when they start out of the blue, that may need western diagnostic services, treatment, or both in conjunction with your acupuncturists work.

To save you some time, I probably wouldn’t see an acupuncturist who doesn’t practice Chinese herbal medicine as well for this as you are less likely to respond in my opinion. You should give your practitioner approximately 3 months to get the dreaming under control or at least noticeably improved. If no changes happen within that time frame or they continue to get significantly worse, I would consult a neurologist and at least get a brain scan.


See a competent acupuncturist. Your condition is not uncommon although I do not know your precise etiology. Many styles are extant and would be meet and seemly to address this condition. While many practice herbs, a good physician of acupuncture should be able to address this using a stand alone modality of needles with a positive real change seen within a few days to a week. Curious what meds., foods, or supplements you may be taking as well as sickness, injury, or protracted mental stress. Regardless of who you see, I would anticipate a battery of questions so the practitioner can get a good composite snapshot of who you are now, and where you came from. Do not worry, —help is out there! Cheers.


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