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Extraordinary Meridians


Is it advisable when appropriate to combine Master and Couple points of Ren Mai and Du Mai Vessels?


Could you clarify what you mean by “combine” the points? And when are you thinking, specifically, that this is appropriate?


I am working with someone who is physically challenged from birth. He is able to walk and get around but his spine, shoulder and legs are somewhat deformed. I thought the extraordinary vessels Master and Couple points may at least give him some relief from neck and back pain. I am also working with a woman who broke her back 2 years ago. She is now walking around but her whole body is in pain. I am doing Acupressure - not Acupuncture. I am joining points on 4 Meridians e.g. Master Governing Vessel and Couple Yang Qiao etc. and wonder about joining Master Yang Qiao with Couple Governing Vessel. I consider applying this treatment to all 4 groups of extraordinary vessels and wonder if this would be redundant or would it be more helpful?. Also Governing Vessel with Conception by pressing K6 and B62 on both feet simultaneously. Thanks so much for your time. Rosemary Dupray


You don’t mention why he was physically “challenged from birth” as there is a clinical difference between genetic/developmental abnormalities vs. something like being born with a cord wrapped around the neck and/or other issues from the mother during development (drug use, etc.). These are admittedly somewhat more important in the context of a full Chinese Medicine treatment.

So generally, yes the du mai/yang qiao mai points, UB 62 and SI 3 can be extremely useful for a broad range of musculoskeletal issues. This pairing is also described in our japanese section for extraordinary vessel treatments - yang qiao du mai.

So those points along with kidney system tonification - which could be points such as KD 3, CV 4 - possibly with moxibustion depending on the age and other issues would also be good. ST 36 is generally good for development and broad scale musculoskeletal problems from weakness.


Hi Chad. Thanks so much for your time. I volunteer at a Shelter with women and children in Nepal… The child (16 but looks and behaves like a 9 year old) and his sister (18 but looks about 5)who has Down Syndrome we’re found in a house almost starved to death 2 1/2 years ago. Both parents are dead and no one knows of the pregnancy history. One child weighed 6 kgs and the other 9 kgs when found. Both are doing much better now and receiving good nutrition and lots of love here. The administration here are pretty certain there were no drugs involved during pregnancy history. Would it be Ok for me to also do the Conception Vessels, Penetrating Vessel and Belt Channel? I do this for both children. My treatment for each Meridian pair is M- C; C-C; C-M; M-M;
M-C. Also would it be harmful to do the Extra Meridians on someone who is healthy for maintenance purposes? Also how many times per week for treatments? I’m glad I found you… …Thanks so much. Rosemary


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